Some new videos!

I just uploaded 2 new videos, thanks to an old friend Larry Desgaines, aka Last Up Larry, whom I've known since around 2004 or 2005.  The first one is from the briefly-lived Fall Sixteen Marching Band.  Theoretically, it was a marching band I created in the fall of 2016, and then ended all involvement with the group once the winter hit.  However, I really enjoyed our gigs!!!  So, maybe it'll make a new appearance in the fall of 2017.  Under a new name, naturally.

Next up, a great video of The New York Fowl Harmonic, from Hank's Saloon last March.  Check it out!

First Blog Post

Hey folks!  I post info around the internet from time to time, in a myriad of places -- facebook, instagramz, youtube videos, email list updates.  I'd like to keep everything that's out there more centered around this website.  Though, of course, I'll keep posting photos in Instagram, videos on Youtube, etc. etc. etc.  My hope is this helps centralize it all!!!