I'm a New York City born-and-raised saxophonist and performer.  I plays all sizes of saxophones and clarinets, specializing in the low-tones of the baritone & bass saxes, and the bass & contra-alto clarinets.  I lead the psycho-mambo band Gato Loco, head up bands Egypt 2000 and the New York Fowl Harmonic, and join numerous friends' bands throughout the vibrant New York City community.  I'm the creator of the Flame-O-Phone, (a fire-breathing saxophone) and the Clar-O-Box, an ever-evolving acoustic electronic super clarinet.  I disrupt the aural spectrum with his sonic terrorist group, Baritone Army.  I writes not-at-all serious compositions for very serious chamber music ensembles.  I make stop-motion videos.

My music stems from a deep love and appreciation of latin music styles, while fused with the downtown avant-garde music he grew up with.  Loud, brash, and in your face, it's always attempting to subvert the listener away from their daily life, not merely to entertain but to accost and confuse.  Gato Loco has released 2 records with Germany-based record label, Winter & Winter, the first of which was recorded live in Bordeaux, and the second being a re-imagination of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem.

I've performed with numerous freelance groups, including high-profile shows with the Violent Femmes and Vampire Weekend.  I co-host a weekly radio show on RadioFreeBrooklyn.com, where we play music from, and influenced by, Cuba.

For touring, Gato Loco is represented by Subtone Concerts (europe); for Flame-O-Phone, I'm represented by Flambeaux Fire.

When not playing music, I watch alot of movies, go urban-exploring, and have been known to dabble in street-art.  Politically, I consider myself a Harpo Marxist.  I was married in 2010 to the wonderful Irene Carroll.  You can check out my Wikipedia page here


I play a bunch of horns.  I'm thrilled to play Fred Lebayle mouthpieces.  They're the best!

C Soprano Sax : 1934 Carl Fischer low-pitch, Meyer 5 (modified)

Alto Sax : 1932 Conn "chu berry", Meyer hard-rubber medium chamber, 7

Tenor Sax : 1948 Conn "Naked Lady" 10-M; Fred Lebayle Metal LRIII #7; 

Baritone Sax : 1953 Conn "Naked Lady" 12-M; Fred Lebayle Metal LRIII #8

Bass Sax : 1922 Conn 12-M; Fred Lebayle Metal LRIII #9; Rico Orange-box Contra-Alto 3;

Soprano Clarinet : Buffet S1 (late 70s); Clark Fobes San Francisco 4L mouthpiece; Clark Fobes Blackwood barrel

Selmer Bass, low C; Vandoren B-25

Selmer-Bundy Contra-Alto; Clark Fobes San Francisco contra-alto mouthpiece