Gato Loco was born from the streets of New York. Exotic and foreign, yet simultaneously urban and familiar. Their live show delivers an instant party, filled with celebration and joy; like a decadent latin mambo ballroom, thrown in the midst of a 21st century rock show : this is BIG music.


In 2009, they recorded their debut album, "Coconino" in the basement of a spice factory in Philadelphia. Since 2010, they have released 2 records on the legendary Winter & Winter Records, 2010′s “Gato Loco” (live in Bordeaux), and 2013′s “The Enchanted Messa”, a reimagination of Giuseppe Verde’s “Requiem”.  They have toured extensively throughout europe and beyond, playing major festivals in France and Austria, jazz clubs in Holland and Germany, Greenhouses and art parties in Italy & Switzerland.