Looking for the ultimate "Moment Of Wow"?!?  Unlike anything else in the world, this dazzling fusion of raucous musical energy with blinding pyro beauty is a truly unique experience, gorgeous and hypnotic. The Flame-O-Phone has been used in events all around NYC, from high-end hotel bars to punk-rock clubs.

The Flame-O-Phone is a one-of-a-kind modified baritone saxophone that spews up to 5 feet of flame out of the bell and will blow your mind.

Fully-insured fire performances, and approved by the NYFD Bomb Squad, and I'm proud to say I'm now working with legendary fire performer Flambeaux and his company. If you would like the Flame-O-Phone at your event, please contact Flambeaux Fire LLC, http://www.flambeauxfire.com/. Inquire privately about prices and fees.

I've performed with the Flame-O-Phone at Bodega Negra (at Dream Downtown), The Stone Rose Lounge (International Bacardi Legacy Competition), Duane Park supper club, The Carnegie Club, The Astoria Tango Ballroom, The House of Yes, The Griffin, The Gutter, Low Tide Bar, Grand Victory, many private parties, and more.  If you want a completely safe, contained, yet exciting and dazzling performances, contact me today!!!

Performances include :

A 3-song set of solo Flame-O-Phone accompanied by backing DJ tracks. I can provide the music, or you can request songs tailored to your event.

A celebratory "moment". Such things as a momentous rendition of "Happy Birthday", "Auld Lang Syne" at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, etc. I can tailor this to your event.

Burning Brass Band -- a small marching band, led by the heat and fire of the Flame-O-Phone. Great a short and energetic acoustic set that riles the audience into a firey dancing fever.

The Burning Jazz Trio -- for the more raucous and rock-filled event, the Burning Jazz Trio is an intense barage of psycho-billy energy. This trio's show has fire, smoke, and a light show as well.

BBQ -- perhaps perfect for a backyard party, you can roast s'Mores and hot-dogs on my saxophone, as I perform tasty tunes and melodies.

We are now marketing this to the general public.  If you would like to inquire about purchasing your very own Flame-O-Phone, contact flameophone@gmail.com


The initial conception dates back to 2007, when I was on tour with a traveling burlesque troupe, but the horn itself didn't materialize until 2010 when I met Ben Bartelle, a master fire scultor.  We built an initial prototype, and, though completely and totally awesome, the horn was bulky, awkward, and malfunctioned frequently.

Around 2012 Ben Bartelle & I decided to make a fully operational, totally slick design.  I used a beautiful 1920 King White Model baritone sax.  His new design featured a single propane tank attached to the side of the horn, a propellent device rigged up just below the left-hand octave key, and a trigger that controls the amount of propane, thus giving me dynamic control for the flame.